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What is the Difference between Compatible and ReManufactured?

What is a “compatible” cartridge? Many inkjet cartridges are simply plastic tanks filled with ink. Our compatible inkjet cartridges are made in the same way and produce superb high quality prints – just like the original branded cartridges. What is a “remanufactured” cartridge? A remanufactured cartridge (also referred to as refurbished or reman cartridges) is made of used parts from empty printer cartridges. During the remanufacturing process the cartridge will be professionally refilled with inkjet ink after being examined, cleaned and individually tested by the remanufacturer. Why buy compatibles or remanufactured cartridges? Remanufactured and compatible cartridges are the cheapest alternative to go with. The cost of buying OEM cartridges is often twice as high. When buying remanufactured cartridges you support the reuse of cartridge parts saving enormous amounts of plastics, metal and oil from ending up on already overfull waste disposal sites. Food for thought: Decomposing the plastics that normally are used in ink and toner cartridges can take up to 1000 years! According to statistics, for every 100 000 used cartridges that are manufactured of recycled materials we save: • 10.6 tons of aluminum • 44 tons of plastic • 264172 gallons of oil Which is the best? Original or Compatible?  The answer is that the Original cartridge will be better quality.  If you are doing work that requires very high quality of prints then the Original cartridges should be chosen.  If you rarely use your printer, it is also recommended that you buy Originals as there is less likely to dry up.  Otherwise, many people find that the low price of the compatibles / re manufactured cartridges outweigh any change in quality