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Category: Help

Dell cartridges

It is common for Dell ink cartridges to incorrectly display ink levels. If your ink level appears to be empty on the Printer Software please ignore this message and follow the instructions below to turn off or minimise the warning dialogue box – Please note that this works for the... more »

What is the Difference between Compatible and ReManufactured?

What is a “compatible” cartridge? Many inkjet cartridges are simply plastic tanks filled with ink. Our compatible inkjet cartridges are made in the same way and produce superb high quality prints – just like the original branded cartridges. What is a “remanufactured” cartridge? A remanufactured cartridge (also referred to as... more »

Getting The Best From Your Inkjet Printer

Inkjet printers are machines with many moving parts. Like cars, if you use them all the time, very little will go wrong with them, but on the other hand, if you park them for extended periods of time, reliability can become a problem. Here are a few tips if your... more »

Photo Cartridges

Some of the more sophisticated HP, Lexmark and Canon printers take not only black and colour ink cartridges, but also a photo cartridge. The use of photo cartridges is easily misunderstood, so we thought you might like an explanation. Commonly used photo cartridges are the HP348, HP58, Lexmark 31 and... more »

Cartridges not being recognised

This applies to Epson and Canon more than any other brands and more often when the cartridge has a CHIP. As a general rule, cartridges (especially Epson) need to be used as a full set in order to avoid problems which can happen when there is a combination of compatible... more »

Fitting Our Cartridges

The ink cartridge should be placed upright for at least 30 minutes before fitting. This allows the ink to flow down to the print head and any air bubbles to move up inside the cartridge. Have you remembered to remove all seals and clips before fitting? (you would be surpised... more »