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Category: Trivia

Ink cartridges drying up?

This summer is going to be hot like every other one in Spain and inevitably people will ask me how to stop their ink cartridges drying out. One of the signs of drying out is experiencing quality problems with the printouts, and often this then requires a print head clean... more »

What is the Difference between Compatible and ReManufactured?

What is a “compatible” cartridge? Many inkjet cartridges are simply plastic tanks filled with ink. Our compatible inkjet cartridges are made in the same way and produce superb high quality prints – just like the original branded cartridges. What is a “remanufactured” cartridge? A remanufactured cartridge (also referred to as... more »

Ink – the most expensive liquid on the planet!

I bet you thought rocket fuel was the most expensive liquid on the planet?  Well, this might surprise you then!!!! An orignal 17ml colour inkjet costs about £29.00 so that means 1 ml costs £1.70 – let’s look at some comparisons…. ink is ………… 3 times more expensive than Chanel No.... more »