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Original vs Generic Printer Ink

Original vs. Generic

First of all, let’s just clarify the difference between the various types of cartridges and toners – ie original and generic (otherwise known as compatible and re-manufactured): An “Original” cartridge is one that has been manufactured by the original owner of the brand – ie HP, Canon, Epson etc, whereas a “compatible” cartridge is one that has been manufactured by a third party company and is usually much cheaper with more ink.


– this is where a used original cartridge is taken to a third party factory and professionally cleaned and refilled and then tested before it is re-packaged and re-sold. For simplicity sake on this website, we have just labelled our cartridges “Original” or “Compatible”. The “compatibles” on our website comprise of a mixture of compatible and re-manufactured cartridges. If you would like clarification as to whether a particular cartridge is re-manufactured or compatible, please just ask, and we will be happy to let you know.

Which is better? – Compatible* or Original?

Original brand cartridges are always going to give a better result – especially when used with the original brand printer and the original brand paper. Saying that, compatibles are still really worth a try as they can save you so much money especially if you print a lot of pages. We would suggest though, that every 4 or 5 compatible cartridges that are used, 1 original cartridge is then used to help clean, lubricate and prevent any blockages building. Alternatively, there are a lot of retired ex-pats out here in Spain that rarely use their printer – maybe it is only switched on to print the obligatory boarding pass? In these circumstances blockages can occur frequently and we would recommend that Original brand cartridges are chosen in favour of compatibles.