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What To Do If Your Epson Printers Print Quality Isn’t Great…

As you use your printer, drops of its ink are deposited on the printer print heads, this is a normal part of using a printer, however sometimes – usually, but not always, if the printer has not been used in a while – these drops of ink will dry and cause the printers print heads to block up.  Imagine the holes in a shower head becoming blocked, each blockage causes the shower head to become less and less affective in passing water; well with your printers print heads, this blockage causes the ink not to get to the page and therefore your print quality is affected. Sometimes this can be as bad as to cause the total absence of an individual colour on a page – for example if you have a blocked black ink cartridge and you print a full page of black text, the printer will appear to work but only a blank page will be printed. always stock the best quality compatible ink cartridges to help reduce the number of blockages, its also true that printers tend to block less when used only with original inks – its one of the down sides to using compatible ink cartridges; however most people find that the cost saving in compatible ink cartridges far outways this disadvantage. In order to perform a printer head clean on your Epson printer you should follow one of our step by step guides. Depending on the operating system, you should use either the Windows XP guide for Epson head cleaning, or for Windows Vista guide for Epson head cleaning or Windows 7 guide for Epson head cleaning.