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Should I use original or compatible ink cartridges?

compatibles-versus-original-cartridges21st June 2016 – Spanish Ink always recommend that before buying a new printer, customers do a little bit of research and check the price of the consumables for that particular printer as the total cost of printing is not only the cost of the printer but the subsequent consumables combined. Customers often say to me that they had got a great cheap deal on a new printer and they were really happy until they decided to buy some new cartridges a few weeks later. The cost of buying a set of Original cartridges can often mount to more than the customer paid for the brand new printer! The high price of Original cartridges has, therefore, created a demand for the cheaper compatibles. One of the biggest misconceptions is that if you use a compatible ink cartridge you invalidate the warranty on your printer. This is not so unless the ink leaks and causes some sort of damage to the mechanics of the printer and such occurrences are believed to be rare. Of course the manufacturers of the Original cartridges do not want you to buy the compatibles for obvious reasons! So, which should I use? Original or Compatible? One of the main differences is that the compatible ink tends to fade more quickly. If you mainly print photographs then you may be better to use Original cartridges so that your photographs fade more slowly than they would if you were to use Compatibles. If you mainly print documents and boarding passes etc., then the cheaper compatibles should be OK for your needs. Living in Spain, we find that the heat is also a factor. Printers like to be used frequently and the ink can dry up if they are not. Of course this can be an issue during the long dry summers here in Spain so, if you rarely print or are finding you are having problems with the ink drying on the heads etc., then we would recommend you try Original cartridges and also opt for a printer that has the print-head on the cartridge rather than inside the printer. Email us if you would like some advice.