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Ink cartridges drying up?

This summer is going to be hot like every other one in Spain and inevitably people will ask me how to stop their ink cartridges drying out. One of the signs of drying out is experiencing quality problems with the printouts, and often this then requires a print head clean to be done. Avoid doing this unless you need to as it uses a lot of ink in the process. What can you do to help prevent your ink drying out? The answer depends on the individual circumstances of the user. For instance, if you rarely use the printer then I would encourage you to start to regularly print something out at least once per week. If you have a colour printer then whatever you print out should something simple containing all of the colours in order to try to prevent any of them starting to dry up. Sometimes customers have this problem because they go back to the UK for the hottest period. I hear of people who swear by removing their cartridges, wrapping them up and putting them in the fridge whilst they are away. This only seems to work with the cartridges that have the print head integral with the cartridge – like most HP cartridges. It is not a bad idea to turn the printer off and on occasionally, as most printers will run a cleaning and prep cycle that could keep the ink from drying out. A suggestion would be every time you restart your computer, go ahead and restart your printer. Sometimes the customers that are experiencing ink drying out have their printer positioned in a particularly sunny place within their home or office. The hotter the printer is, then the more your ink will dry so try moving your printer to a less sunny spot. If you have a particular problem with ink drying up and you use compatible cartridges, and after trying the above suggestions, then I would advise to try to see if the problem reduces if you use Originals. Another alternative is to change your printer to one that uses toner. This can be expensive if you need a colour printer but can turn out relatively cheap if you only need black. Toner cartridges do not have the same drying up problems as inkjet cartridges as it uses powder instead of liquid.